We’re proud to work with organizations that are leaders in their industries. Innovators. Disruptors. Visionaries.

  • Bone Brewhouse

    Bone Brewhouse

  • Kiju Organic

    Kiju Organic

  • Newsam


  • EPCM


  • Shakespeare in the Park

    Shakespeare in the Park

  • Elmira Poultry

    Elmira Poultry

  • Comeback Snacks

    Comeback Snacks

  • Smart About Salt

    Smart About Salt

We have had the pleasure of working with the following organizations and more:

“Christine is a strong team player, but not afraid to speak up and advocate for her ideas. She lives up to her commitments, presents well, and consistently represents herself and the brands she represents with integrity and professionalism.”

~ Len Khan, Owner, Kahntact Marketing